New Data on the Cultural Sector

Was very pleased to see the Culture Satellite Account (CSA) data finally released yesterday….

We’ve talked for years about the CSA and it has finally come to fruition. It is a good example of collaboration among federal and provincial government departments and agencies, and not-for-profit organisations – like CHRC which has the unique position of being the only cross sector national nfp in the mix.

CHRC has been recognized for its work on culture sector statistics over the years. The star in our culture stats crown is the 2010 Labour Market Information report for the cultural sector. Rich with data and appendices, it stands as the first such gathering of stats on cultural employers and workers ever compiled in Canada.

And it was reassuring to see that our LMI figures correspond closely to the CSA data released yesterday.

Looking ahead, the CSA provides a way to collect economic and job creation information on an ongoing basis. Years of background work – political in terms of getting all the partners on board; and statistical in terms of hammering out agreement around a Canadian Framework for Culture Statistics that is the basis of the collection and analysis – have brought us to this point.  It’s a giant step forward in understanding the economic and job creation impact of the cultural sector – including the cultural industries, heritage, all the cultural sub-sectors, and the largely self-employed cultural labour force.

This data will be very useful when working with politicians, government policy makers and private funders to develop the right level and type of support needed by the sector to maximize its already significant impact on Canada’s economy.

The Canadian Conference of the Arts to Close Doors after 67 Years

It is with great sadness that we forward you an announcement from Alain Pineau, National Director of the Canadian Conference of the Arts (CCA), that the CCA has decided to shut down its operations immediately. CHRC and CCA have worked closely together for the benefit of Canadian artists--the CCA on advocacy and policy, CHRC on HR and training. We will greatly miss our sister organization. A passionate, articulate and unifying voice for Canadian arts and culture has been silenced.