The wheels at CHRC continue to hum….

As we, on the one hand, seek out government and sector partners to help us address training and other HR needs among artists and cultural workers; we, on the other hand, are hard at work revising the The Art of Managing Your Career discipline enhancements, managing internships for the Building Careers in Culture program, and responding to steady requests for our online products.

The most satisfying accomplishment these days is seeing the revised discipline enhancements take shape, and hearing the positive, even enthusiastic feedback on them from our Canada Council partners and from early users.

There are 16 discipline enhancements in total (8 English and 8 French for theatre artists, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, crafts people, visual artists, writers, and digital media content creators).

University of Ottawa Theatre DepartmentWe had an early push on the Theatre ones, in English and French, because 2 professors at the University of Ottawa needed them for their classes this term. It was a pleasure to have the students wander into our offices to pick up their copies of the TAMYC Guide at the beginning of September, and to finally, in mid-October, send them the revised enhancements to continue their studies.

The rest are following along. Craft is next, to be following closely by Visual Arts and Writing, then the others in the queue.

We’ll have a big announcement when they’re all done, but people should keep their eyes open for the soft releases along the way.