Validation Session with New Media Manitoba in Winnipeg

Day 4 – Winnipeg, Manitoba


We were the guests of New Media Manitoba on Friday, in their bright and spacious Winnipeg Board Room at 1000 Waverley.


What felt good for us, at this the 4th time through the chart validation, was that the same changes keep coming up. It means we are on the road to consensus. It augurs well for the final chart.


We had a good discussion on the next steps of the project – turning the lists of competencies into courses certified by industry and delivered through education institutions. To be sure, there was skepticism: how realistic is partnership with academia which is so steeped in its own processes and hierarchies?


The concerns are fair, but our early conversations with a few innovative institutions of higher learning have identified potential partners with more flexibility than we usually encounter. They have led us to believe that our partnership model has a chance of success.


Another means of delivering and disseminating courses created from the competencies is through industry associations. For example, New Media Manitoba.


It’s a good model especially if we tie the certificate to a “practicum” in a DM company. New Media Manitoba already has training built into its mandate. It would be a natural to pilot course delivery and industry certification through its own members.


Concern was also expressed around keeping the courses up-to-date. That’s a challenge. An ongoing CHRC industry steering committee is certainly a way to identify necessary changes. A licencing revenue stream through training providers could help to finance the up-dates…


Finally, there was interest in the potential for an online interactive version of the chart which could, for example, allow students to identify their own skills gaps and tailor their own competency profiles and training plans. That is an idea that is gaining momentum.


It’s been a good week for the DM Team chart. It’s clearly on the right track, with well identified revisions. In the validation sessions to come (in Charlottetown November 1, Montreal November 2, St. John’s November 8, and TO November 9) we’ll continue to test drive it – and to explore its potential uses as we prepare to take it to the next level of “training tools”.