Validating the competency chart for a Digital Media Team

Day 1 – Vancouver, British Columbia

Our expert team that built the chart – Ron Lamoureux of Cafésonique,  web writer and editor Julia Kinsman , and executive producer Judith Beauregard from Toboggan Studio  – along with Pierre Morin, CHRC’s DACUM facilitator par excellence – flew across the continent to test their work out on their west coast colleagues.

Our first validation session was with members of the Vancouver Digital Media community in the board room of the new Centre for Digital Media. A lively group we had – supportive of our efforts, enthusiastic about the chart (“sorely needed in the industry”), engaged in the details (such as separate out “define user experience and user interface” into two competencies), and generous with their time and comments.

Under facilitator Pierre Morin’s steady hand we managed to get through the chart in the allotted time – but we could have gone on for much longer if that had been an option.

In truth, given how busy these people are, we were fortunate to get their full attention for close to three hours this morning.

We had a mix of game and web developers, people at different points in their careers, from a range of work experiences including very large companies like EA and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Finding consensus around the competencies meant that some had to let go of points they held dear, in order to fit into the mode of the competency chart which has its own rules. From time to time concurrent conversations around the table had to give way to Pierre’s résumé of the discussion, and we moved on together to the next competency. Reflective comments sometimes gave rise to heated discussion and then settled out at mutual understanding – or an “agree to disagree”.

In short, it was a rich and dynamic exchange. We were quite pumped about our first foray into the ‘real’ world with the chart – it seems to be holding water!

With changes, comments and criticisms duly noted, we fly back over the Rockies to Calgary for day two tomorrow.