Towards a Career in Digital Media

We’re pretty excited about our latest release: Towards a Career in Digital Media – a High School Teachers Guide.

First of all, because it’s so topical, so relevant.

Digital Media is the modus operandi of young people today. That’s fairly obvious for the computer science students – but maybe less so for those in writing and the visual arts. Many of them are looking at how they can apply their skills to DM products, like games, for example.

The question for teachers becomes, how can I steer my students in the direction of the DM industry if that’s where they want to go?

Towards a Career in Digital Media provides an innovative and insightful way of doing that. Based on the reality of a DM team of programmers, artists and writers, it brings together students and teachers in computer science, visual arts and creative writing to experience the energy of a DM team. They learn about their own roles on the team, and importantly they learn about the roles of the others.

Secondly, because of how we developed the Guide.

With a very experienced DM producer and creator at the helm (Ron Lamoureux, who is a former high school teacher), we enlisted 3 Manitoba high school teachers (in the visual arts, creative writing and computer science) to develop lesson plans in their areas. They worked as a team on the general lessons (e.g. on pre-production, production and marketing), and then individually on their specifics.

So the end result is a 12 lesson mini-course that can be integrated into existing curriculum, with learning objectives and outcomes in “education-speak”; and the realities of the DM industry built into the methodology.


Ps and another link to industry: Towards a Career in Digital Media is based on CHRC’s competency chart and profile for a DM Team that was developed by practising industry professionals. A reality check for teachers and students alike.