Skills for a DM team

The cross-country trek has begun! Starting in the far west and heading east we are on a “whistle stop tour” of major DM hubs in each province to validate the competency chart for a DM Team.

And in case that is sounding awfully full of “governmentese”, let me explain…

CHRC enlisted the help of a DM creator/writer, a project manager, and a producer to come up with an exhaustive list of the skills needed to create a digital media product. 

Take a video game, for example. It would be conceived, produced and marketed by a team of 2 or 5 or 20 individuals – depending on the company.  Regardless of how many people are involved, the same skills would be needed: skills ranging from generating an idea or concept (e.g. researching, assessing and articulating ideas); to pre-production (e.g. preparing a project proposal and securing project financing); to actual production (e.g. developing and managing a project); to marketing the product.

CHRC’s trusty experts identified and organized the skills sequentially, in a readable logical format, and they are displayed in a “competency chart for a DM team”.

On our current trip to Vancouver (October 16), Calgary (October 17), Saskatoon (October 18) and Winnipeg (October 19), we will meet with professional practising DM creators, producers and managers to review the chart – have we misstated skills? Are we missing any?

We’re excited about the interest we’ve encountered in our efforts – starting with a full house in Vancouver’s shining new recently opened Centre for Digital Media.