Lots on the go…

2 months into it, and we’ve settled very comfortably in our new offices in downtown Ottawa – discovering the “office crowd” a few blocks away from our old Byward Market haunts.

Lots on the go…

Releasing Digital Media resources has been our main focus over the past few weeks. In review, starting with the research from Nordicity and the Context paper on the intersection of technical and artistic skills in IDM, we have produced, with the IDM industry:

We’re also putting finishing touches on From Competencies to Curriculum – a guide for educators and trainers on how to use CHRC’s competency charts and profiles. This will be available free of charge on our web site.

We continue to manage “Building Careers in Heritage”, DCH’s youth internship program, and hope to do the same for “Career Focus”, HRSDC’s youth internship program, in a call for proposals later this year.

The Art of Managing Your Career online training modules are being reviewed in a final quality assurance process as I write this. This will provide yet another iteration of that great resource that Canadian self-employed artists have been using for over a decade! We know that talented, skilled, highly creative artists are still not hitting the ground running with essential business skills after they graduate. Their lack of interest in the marketing, management, communications, legal sides of being self-employed, as they pursue their artistic studies, is quickly replaced with an urgent need to know about those things as soon as they step out of the academic setting into the real world!

The India connection (our contract to advise the Indian Media and Entertainment Sector Council (MESC) on occupational standards) continues to bubble along. India is making fast strides in identifying skills for people in its arts and entertainment industry.

Summer closes in on us as the government realigns its priorities and spending, following the sun setting of the sector council program. We’ll see where culture finds itself on the national skills agenda in the coming weeks.

CHRC continues to build its networks e.g. attending the Creative Cities Summit and the National Roundtable for Teacher Education in the Arts; and linking up with organizations like Canadian Women in Communications and the Canadian Network for Arts and Learning.

We’ve also got HR Forum 2014 on our agenda……