Coming to fruition

As we draw to the close of the sector council program at HRSDC, and the beginning of a new chapter in CHRC’s story, a year’s work in Interactive Digital Media is coming to fruition.

It began in the fall with the release of the Context Paper, Canada’s Interactive Digital Media Industry: Where Creativity Meets Technology in the Digital Economy.

Last week the interactive competency chart for an IDM Team went online. This new and innovative “team” approach to competency analysis and online interactive presentation responds to the complex IDM industry in a way that a traditional chart couldn’t. An interactive profile – a more detailed version of the chart - will follow.

And we will be releasing a training gaps analysis that examines training needs from employers’ and workers’ points of view in the IDM industry.

We’re also in the thick of developing practical tools based on the chart and our research.

  • a high school teaching resource that outlines in 12 lesson modules how to introduce visual arts students, creative writing students and computer science students to an IDM Team – what their roles would be and what skills they would need if they chose that career path.
  • a resource on Starting up a DM Business – tips and pitfalls for young IDM entrepreneurs 
  • a revised InterZone - the Digital Media website in our Careers in Culture series
  • an Educator’s Guide - from competency chart to curriculum  which will help educators and trainers to optimize their use of CHRC’s many competency charts to develop skills based curriculum.

We’ll have all this and much more to talk about in March as we once again move across the country, meeting with members and colleagues in the broader sector – with a focus on the present and an eye to the future. 


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